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Petco Park, San Diego- Imagination Entertainment.

Lezlie was the hit of the party doing accurate Handwriting Analysis. Guests were waiting in line to have their turn after hearing how fun the experience was! It was glamorous! We were proud to have her at our event. - Cat

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Trade Shows & Conventions!

We love doing Trade Shows and Conventions! We have done tons of different types of trade show all over the country! Some are High tech Computer Company’s that works on government contracts to teacher conventions to contractors and Toys Company’s. We dress in elegant...

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4th of July, 2015! La Jolla Country Club

We are excited to share the fabulous 4th of July event we do each year. The event was larger than ever before, with families, eager to come back and share how right on the fortune telling readings where from last year! It is so exciting to have such great feedback...

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Summer Events!

Summer is here! Yippy we are thrilled to go into the fun warm summer days; that means Panic’s summer out door parties, birthdays, Graduation parties, great events at Mission Bay in San Diego! We love it! Picnic’s are exciting to see all the kiddo’s playing while we do...

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