You’ll Love When Your Guests Say Things Like…

“StagePro Entertainment has been working with Party Psychic for 18 years because they are the best in the business. All my clients love them; they always look sharp and are able to work with any type of event, company picnics or high-end estates. They work with kids and adults. We recommend them for any event they are fantastic that’s why we only use them.”

Cameron South
StagePro Entertainment

“We hired Lezlie and Elizabeth for a special couple hosting a Victorian Carnival-themed wedding at the Ritz-Carlton. They were, without a doubt the hit of the evening. They added that extra element that had the guests talking all night about the readings that they received from them. They looked fantastic, provided wonderful props that added a sense of play and authenticity to the settings, and, above all, were professional, engaging, and very warm and inviting. I would highly recommend them to anyone who really wants to make their event unique and memorable. Thanks for adding to a magical evening.”

Laura L.
Wedding Planner

“Very professional psychics. They made our party a great success and the feedback I received from our guests was very positive. I didn’t want to hire a ‘carnival act’ and these psychics were exactly the opposite. Will definitely be hiring them back for our next event.

Ken J.

“She was Fantastic!”

Harriet B.

“We had Lezlie at our Trade Show in Las Vegas, we knew it would be popular, but it was the smash of the event! There were long lines waiting to have their turn, and then they came back with friends because it was so accurate. The psychic was the hit of the whole trade show. Other vendors asked where did we find her. We will never do an event again without them.”

Gerri L.

“This was a successful corporate function where the party psychic saw into the future and predicted our good fortune to come. She was highly entertaining and made the social gathering a hit. First, employees came to the event and second, they stayed and chatted with each other, which was the goal. Some asked if we could have her back so they could get their own individual readings. She was great! Thank you.”

Dolly V.

“We hired Party Psychic for our Electronic Expo in L.A. They brought great props and set the tone for the New Orleans theme. The staff looked great, we received positive feedback from the guests. They were an asset to our show. We will have them back again!”

Freddie Georges

“We had psychic at our Graduation party in Kelseyville, everyone was taking about it all night. We ended up keeping them an hour longer to take care of the kids that wanted more time. It was the hot idem of the night. We will have them back at next years Graduation.”

Crystle W.

“Trueeda was a hit! She has a wonderful demeanor and connected well with the teens at our daughter’s 15th birthday party. She was engaging and fun. The girls enjoyed all the positive readings Tureeda gave from her astrology books and tarot cards. We would definitely use Party Psychic again.”

Jennifer S.

“We had Party Psychic come to give a presentation at our office, and she blew us away with the professional presentation and mind blogging readings. We have been using them every since at all of our events. They are always the crowd pleaser. See you at our next event.”

Dan S.
Picnic People

“Elizabeth was fantastic, everyone loved her, we had her stay longer at our bachelorette shower she was so good.

Jennifer B.

“We like Lezlie so much we have them back every year at our Blue Martini Ball. Party Psychic are the sure hit of the night, we love them and look forward to seeing every year.

Elizabeth J.

“Velvet was very pleasant and professional. Everyone thought she was amazing and the real deal.

Fran M.

Very pleased. Thank you.
Raven J.

“She was fantastic!!

Harriet B.

“The fortuneteller we had for our daughters vintage carnival themed wedding was just what we wanted. She was everything we asked for.

Judy T.

“Party Psychic responded quickly to all emails. They had to change the psychic they were sending, but they immediately informed me and I was very happy with the substitution. I requested a change in the arrival them by 30 minutes and they approved the request once they checked with the psychic. The psychic was very thorough in her preparation for the event. She called and spent considerable time on the phone with me providing suggestions for the ambiance and what would occur at the party. The girls had fun with Zeena.”

Carey A.

“We had a Harry Potter themed birthday party so wanted to have a tarot card reader. We had a lovely experience with Trueeda. She came well in advance and set up.

Pooja S.

“The fortunetellers were the hit of the Graduation. Teens loved them. They kept all the fortunes positive and timely. We will have them back next year.”

Jody B.

Lezlie came early and was busy all night giving tarot reading at our 60th birthday. We had to pull her away to leave. She was a great hit.”

Lan N.

“Loved them.”

John S.

“We had many details we were not sure about and Party Psychic spent a lot of time going over all the different ideas we could do. They brought great props and looked great. We are very happy we went with them.”

Mary M.

“We had a Harry Potter-themed wedding at the Mission Inn and Lezlie came as the tarot card reader, she played the part fantastic, I thought she was taking away from the bride and had her wait to start. Everyone loved it.”

Jessie M.

“We had a kid’s birthday party at the beach and the psychic was the hit of the whole event. We set up a special tent and pillows and wow! It was fantastic. It was just what we wanted.”

Barbara S.

“We have been using Party Psychic for 10 years or more for all of our events at the House of Blues in San Diego. They are always fantastic and a popular hit.”

Debbie G.
House of Blues, San Diego

“Didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly impressed.”

Steve S.

“We have Party Psychic every year at our New Year’s Eve party because my customers love them and look forward to seeing them every year. They always look great and are the talk of the night.”

Nitza “The Gambling Cowboy”

“We had Lezlie the tarot reader at our bachelorette party and kept her longer she was so insightful.

Julie M.