Kids & Teens Parties

Fortune Teller and Tarot Reading for Teen and Kids Parties

We specialize in kids and teens. We take special care of their sensitivity and innocence – we keep all visions age appropriate and relatable. It is our mission to make sure that kids and teens walk away smiling, with a positive and inspiring message. The readings are always positive and uplifting. We keep it relatable according to their age. Many times they like to gather around and listen to each other’s fortunes, laughing and giggling, saying, “You’re just like that!” We keep the readings short, being mindful of the time, or we can do group readings with a message that applies to everyone.

We are great at school events like proms, grad nights, school dances, carnivals, harvest festivals, teen parties, Sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah’s, Halloween parties, birthday parties, and Harry Potter parties.