Treasure Hunts

Build Your Teams with a Treasure Hunt.

Gather groups of 8 -10 players, and put arm bands on them in different colors to distinguish groups. Party Psychic can entertain up to 10 groups at a time.

Each group starts out by picking a team name and team leader, who reads off the clues and challenges. Each station will have a hidden coin with a letter on it, they must go to every station to gather all the letters to decipher the clue.  After finding the location, they are given a team-building activity of silliness that is fun! There are about 10-18 stations each has a hidden letter; they must gather all coins with letters and decipher the last clue.  The last clue will take them to the hidden treasure box with treasure!

Treasure can be according to budget or group.

Treasure examples can include; Bags of dollar coins, up to $100.00 per player, movie tickets, restaurant coupons, etc. Treasure Chest will have enough riches for one winning team, 8-10 players.

Depending on location and size, the hunt can last about 1 to 1 ½ hours. For larger groups you can do hunts in different times, pacing them apart.