Lip Print Readings

If you thought having your palm read was fun, you’ll love Lipstick and Lip Print Readings!

Party Psychic fortune tellers specialize in Lipstick Readings. All that’s needed is a tube of lipstick to begin unlocking the hidden depths of your personality.

The process is simple. You apply your favorite lip lacquer and plant a big kiss on a piece of paper, leaving behind a Rorschach-style imprint.  The art Lipstick Readings deciphers a person’s facial features to gain insight into their health and personality. It takes one look at the imprint and tells you what traits are most prominent in your personality.

Instead of predicting our futures, we offer insight into your present.

We each have different traits that stand apart- romantic love, the travel bug, a big heart, a shopping obsession….

Most of the readings are spot on, most guest have so much fun they’d do it again, with a work colleague, or bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette parties, grad nights, girls’ night, any unique fun party activity.

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your next party, why not try intuitive lipstick readings.  Lips, like fingerprints, are unique and provide insight into someone’s character and personality. It’s fun, fast, entertaining, and interactive.

Lipstick readings are suitable for any type of event where you might want a fortune teller, or psychic, a Tarot or palm reader.  It would add a fun, playful element to corporate events, or special events at any of the following venues:  hotels, departments stores, boutiques, open houses, beauty salons or spas.