Astrology Readings

Bring the Stars to Your Party.

Astrology readings begin with asking the client about their birthday. Party Psychics then look in the book at a chart that has the planets and signs lined up for that person.

Astrology is a very powerful and time-proven system that describes the dynamics of your personal relationship with the world around you.

An astrology or horoscope reading can be a very revealing and positively transformative experience. Our readers are experienced and intuitive astrologers who show you your true life direction, your calling, and the path to success.

Party Psychic has taken astrology in a significant step forward, re-establishing its spiritual roots, and turning astrology into a path of healing and deeper understanding to help you regain your connection to your greater destiny, aliveness, and spirit.

Being that we are on a timeline we share the most prominent message that the stars are reveling.

It is our desire to help you focus on the opportunities and gifts that the charts reveal.

female astrologer giving astrology to a male client
female astrologer and a female client posing for a picture