Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of readings do you offer?
    – We provide Tarot Card – Palm Reading – Psychic – Crystal Ball – Handwriting Analysis – Voodoo – Tea Leaf – Astrology – Magician – Face Painting and Runes
  • Why have a fortuneteller at your event?
    Fortune Telling is now very popular at all types of parties from small kids parties to corporate events to trade shows. It is something most people are curious about and want the personal guidance to confirm life directions. It is fun way to address personal needs and trust your intuition in a creative and exciting way.
  • Will you be embarrassed with the reader?
    – We thoroughly screen each reader making sure they are experienced, professional, will only give POSITIVE news and are dressed as an entertainer to properly represent the type of entertainment needed.
  • How long are the readings?
    – The average reading is 7-9 minutes per person. The average is 10 per hour. If we are doing more then one person at the table at once it takes longer. For seniors it takes longer to accommodate their mobility. For large school events it takes longer with 5 or more guests at the table.
  • How many readers do I need at my event?
    – We recommend any party with 25 or more guests to have a second reader to give everyone a chance. For larger groups of a hundred or more we recommend 3-4 readers.
  • What do you provide for reader?
    – We ask the client provide table and 3-4 chairs for reader, that way we can accommodate couples and friends who want to listen. Each reader brings tablecloth and decorations. Unless the reader is to roam the room giving mobile readings dazzling the groups as they all listen.
  • Can you perform on the date I need?
    – We have multiple readers to be able to entertain on a variety of dates to accommodate your needs.
  • What are the male readers like?
    – We have a balance of men readers who are brilliant! We know it is a stereotype to have women, but the men on our staff always get raving reviews from our clients. They are good with kids and gentle to everyone’s needs. They are often the bell of the ball dazzling the guests.
  • What if I need Insurance?
  •  – We at Party Psychic are happy to work with you on providing insurance for the event.