Handwriting Analysis

Insightful Handwriting Personality Analysis

Party Psychic brings handwriting analysis to your parties and trade shows, including customized handwriting analysis for events.

How is it customized for events?

Party Psychic keeps the analysis short, staying mindful of the time to keep the lines moving.

Party Psychic asks a guest to write a short sentence with a signature which is then shared with the guest what the writing says about their personality. Party analysis is different because guests often bring a friend to watch and observe the interpretation, giggling at how accurate it is. They then say “what about me? I’m next!”


“Here are your loops below the line, see they are narrow and closed, that means you might be restricting yourself. If you cross your t’s high that likely means you have many goals and aim high. If  you are slanting your writing to the right means you like to meet and work with new people; left slants means you tend to be reserved and introspective. How you dot your I’s reflect different characteristics. A closely dotted I means you are organized and detailed oriented mind; if it is to the left you might be a procrastinator, if with a circle you likely have playful childlike qualities. If your writing leaves large spaces between their words then you enjoy freedom and independence, while those who squeeze their words together tend to like the company of others.”

“Large letters vs small letters indications: A big outgoing personalities tend to write in large letters. While shy introverted types prefer to write small. If average-sized writing, it demonstrates strong ability to focus and concentrate.”

What does it mean?

Party Psychic shares with the guest what is showing up, what it means, and what to look out for to improve self-esteem. Party Psychic ensures all interpretations are positive, motivating, and insightful, allowing the guests to be engaged in what we see together while making it stimulating and fun!

It is our Mission that each guest is happy with their handwriting analysis, walking away with smiles.

a smiling female psychic doing a handwriting analysis
female psychic doing a handwriting analysis on two smiling clients wearing costumes
Group shot of a female psychic doing handwriting analysis for her three clients