Jewelry Readings

Jewelry reveals more than your style.

Your Party Psychic asks your guests to hand us their favorite piece of jewelry, or if it’s a wedding ring we hold their hand. Your Party Psychic holds their jewelry in hand and closes their eyes to tap into the energy of the item, then share what the vibration is expressing.

Here are some examples:

“This piece carries the spirit and intensity of another person who you care about, and the essence of the warmth and life is kept alive through the life force you keep in it by wearing it. The love and vitality continue to thrive by the energy of your life force.”

“These pearls are living creatures that stay lustrous and vibrant by the oils and energy when you wear them, the more often you wear them and handle them, the luster will shine, and all the life force that went into making it is extended through you.”

“Holding their hand and touching the wedding rings, the spirit of the love that went into creating them, bringing the gold or stones from mother earth to you and the joy you had in selecting this exact item lights you up, and is a grounding piece that will calm you down and trigger the healing energy you have with it. Remember to stroke it when needed. Energy is alive and thoughts are
powerful, with the relationship or feelings or attitude we have with things.”