Tarot Card Readings

The most popular and sought-after fortune-telling style.

Party Psychic has customized tarot card readings for the party environment, meaning we adjust the cards pulled depending on the time. For parties that are flowing smoothly with a relaxed line of guests, we ask that they pull a 5-to-7 card spread, for quick-paced parties, we adapt to 3 cards pulled, addressing, past, present, and future. 

Tarot card readings often interpret things like business, relationships, finance, family, or health. It is amazing how accurate they are, wowing the guests as well as your Party Psychic! As the guest says, “That’s exactly what I have been thinking!”

After the guest pulls the cards we lay them out and interpret the reading.  Each Party Psychic has his or her favorite style of tarot cards.  Every reading is unique and different.  Your Party Psychic focus on only providing positive interpretations to give guidance and to leave each guest feeling inspired.  It is our mission that each tarot card reading leaves big smiles!

Female psychic showing off her tarot card readings
Female psychic doing a tarot card reading for her two clients