We decided to add a “special attraction” to our booth this year at this annual attorney conference that we participate in and support in Las Vegas.  We had a few ideas, but having a fortune teller stuck…I was “fortunate” enough to come across Lezlie Bernal!  She was such a great choice…great person…and definitely made KUSAR the most memorable booth of the entire event.  We actually were there for 3 days and only had Lezlie for one day…and of course…the day after…we had many many requests for our fortune teller! I had no problem passing out her card to any and all that asked.  She was a pleasure to meet…pleasure to work with and would only be an addition to any event she works at.   She is definitely a pro and everyone gave rave reviews after getting their fortune told.

Thank you Lezlie!

Nicolas J.

Nicolas Johnson, Manager