IMG_0601Summer is here! Yippy we are thrilled to go into the fun warm summer days; that means Panic’s summer out door parties, birthdays, Graduation parties, great events at Mission Bay in San Diego! We love it! Picnic’s are exciting to see all the kiddo’s playing while we do our tarot card/ fortune telling,  bringing solutions to family situation, giving inspiration to kids going into a new year of unknowns all nervous. It will be exciting to see how many pool parties we do. We generally have a table off to the side all decorated and in the theme of the party and of course in the coordinating colors. Many times guests set up a tent in the back yard or at the picnic, if they don’t have one, no worries we do!

With a table and pillow it is assume set everyone loves!

Summer also means time for Yachts! We do many events on Yachts in the LA & New Port Beach and SD Bay’s. Usually they are corporate events with guests all gussied up and looking hot!

We do tons of Beach birthday parties, Kids parties, and picnic events with canapies and kids and adults of all ages. We are thrilled to announce we have own fortune telling tent to add to the magic of the mystical moments.

We set up below to be free of wild winds and noise to be able to hear each other. Many times guests all gather around to listen and comment on how right on we are with what we are saying. It is such a great feeling to have conformation and validation, especially when walk away saying how you helped them! It makes us feel like this is truly my spiritual calling. Knowing that we only have a short time to be able to set the seeds to inspire and guide others to a better life and go for there goals. It makes for a very comforting peaceful drive home feeling grateful to be chosen to be able to share in their special event and watch all the happy smiles glowing enjoying each other.

This type of work is a real pleasure and blessing, and to earn a living doing it is even better. I truly make it a point to give thanks to God and Spirit guides that give support and insight and guidance to event, that is the heart of each event, and make it a point to select other members of staff that are the same way.

Positive in nature and connected to spirit to bring good energy and uplift the event they are entertaining. We want only the best.

We just did events at the Hyatt in down town San Diego doing balloon twisting, it was a perfect match, and we had a great time.

I did a Latino event at Don Chente’s across from Staples Center.

It was for Condesa Design on the rooftop. Wow, it was a blast!

Fun loving energetic companies celebrating Latino success.

Right on go for the whole enchilada, and they are! We are very proud of all of you talented entrepreneur’s who were there; Supporting your community’s and giving back.

Right on this is the type of event that is so worthwhile.

We also had a delightful 70th birthday at Back on the Beach in Santa Monica, what a joy it was! Sweet and charming, nice spot for party’s folks, girls you would like it, warm and in the middle of all the action. At this event we did Tarot card readings, for the guests that varied from young children to retired seniors. They are truly living the good life……

Let’s not forget the Bay Area where Tureeda was busy working both Friday and Saturday taking care of the Grad-Nighters. We did Tarot card readings and palm readings, Seeing the life transitions of the guests, in their palm readings.

We love you Tureeda and how hard working you are! I know all the parties love you! She is good with kids and teens; I know I count on you any time anywhere. She is the back boon of the Bay Area.

Thank you very much Tureeda!

We have so much exciting summer fun coming up; we are looking forward to seeing you at your next event!

What’s in the future for you????