I hired Lezlie “sight unseen” for an awards ceremony/party, and I thought she might be a nice “side line” to my “Arabian Nights” themed event. “Madame Lezlie” showed up on time, in full costume with her smoking crystal ball in hand, and she was so much fun and such a positive energy that she became one of the highlights of the night. I found her to be extremely professional, very attractive, and so popular that our guests kept a continuous line going throughout the evening so that each one of them would have the chance to have Madame Lezlie “tell their fortunes.” Lezlie is a renowned psychic and at all party events, she maintains integrity and optimism in all readings. I have added her number to my cell – just in case someone asks me for ideas for something fun and different for a party event – or, you never know, I may just find a reason to call Lezlie for my next party. She’s terrific!

Angela Hatcher