We are very excited with how we are going so fast this year.

Now we have partnered with more companies to offer a verity of entertainment for the clients. We give them an all-inclusive price.

We added face painting and balloon twisting, caricature artist along with a Magician, and my favorite, treasure hunts, as well as keeping our traditional hand writing analysis, palm reading, tarot card reading, and tea leaf readings.

Many of the events we do have all types of entertainment.

Every member of our staff has worked together, so we know they are professional, do good work we can be proud of, and on time as well as look good. Hey, you don’t want someone scary coming to your event wearing holey jeans. It happens; you should see what I have seen? It amazes me, how did they get hired? But not with us we screen everyone! So you don’t have to. We make it easy for everyone.

Bachelorette parties – One of the most popular types of events we do is Bachelorette party. Ladies like to gather around and listen each other’s fortunes saying, “see I told you so! Or she is just like that!” giggling. They love palm readings and tarot card readings.

Many times ladies rent a room at a hotel or rent a house in Palm Springs for the weekend and then we show up to do the fun fortune telling into there future. They want to know how relationships are going or work is going, will I get that promotion? Or how is my family going to get though this problem?

It is common that the ladies all know each other for a long time and comment on how right on the reading is for their friend. Some events they have missuses or nails being done along with the naughty but nice stuff and liquor to loosen them up and let the hair down feeling safe and chatty. It’s always fun time for all of us giggling with all the good news on how to improve that ratty relationship or conformation he is not the right one. Girls love the support and just good girl time…. We have two Bachelorette parties planned in Las Vegas for the month of May one is Santa Cruz one in Palm Springs.. Go girls…… We Love you…Birthday’s – We all have birthday’s and having a party makes us feel special and loved by the one’s we care about. IMG_0674I think that is why it is the most popular subject we have with all the parties we do.

We do all ages form babies one year Old’s to seniors in retirement homes.

Kid’s – Kids parties are creative and high energy with all the munchkin’s running around looking bright eyed and courses with nerves running high as they wait their turn to get their palms read. Kids take every word very seriously so it is very important to watch every word you say, so we keep it simple and to the point, focusing on good grades what they can do to improve their school attitude or study skills. Some times we come across a child who is going though a difficult situation at home and wants to talk about it in private, to someone whom they feel safe with, us. We are very carful to be sensitive and address their issue in a loving way giving them space to see what their options are on how to handle it to feel better. It is very empowering for them without feeling like they are on the spot especially if they don’t want their friends to know. We get that, we care…. We understand…

IMG_2567Adult’s- Adult’s parties can be so different and creative depending on the person, the theme of the event, and how out going they feel depending on the age they are turning. Believe it or not it makes a big difference on how they celebrate. It if is an age they are excited to hit and want to have a big bash then they go all out, with props and put more money into the event. Other b-days are more “I want to feel special on this day but only a little fuss is good”.

Many times guests go all out decorating back yards with lights and tents creating the mood. Others have catering and lavish effects for the theme. What are very popular are games to entertain everyone even as adults. It could by figure out who come from hear or who did this in their life and the guests has to talk to each other to see who it is, or it can be a treasure hunt making everyone join in groups getting to know each other. No matter the event, it is always fun to see the people coming to together to celebrate life and having fun with bright smiles and laughter.