Lezlie is an amazing life coach. As a mother, wife, and attorney I find it is necessary to seek balance and to remain in connection with my spirit. Lezlie has a unique ability to listen and help one come into self-awareness and understanding on their own. As Lezlie said, I often live in my mind and it is difficult for me to relate to my spirit and connect. The lack of connection sends me spinning throughout life, but Lezlie has helped me to center and live in the moment. Additionally, Lezlie has an intuitive gift, which allows her to gently walk you through an expectation you may have. She reminds you that you are worth it all, and that your spiritual desires are there to add growth and abundance to your life. I truly appreciate Lezlie’s help and I recommend her to anyone who truly needs a reminder about the important things in life. If you are stressed out, concerned, or just need a genuine person to listen to you and help you get past whatever it is you are struggling with, then call her today. She will be the guide that you are looking for.