Hi I am Lezlie Bernal, founder of Party Psychic. Welcome to Party Psychic entertainment.

What kind of psychic entertainment do you do?

We do a verity of readings starting with the most popular; tarot cards, palm readings, crystal ball, astrology, runes, tea leaf, and handwriting analysis.

How did you get started you ask?
I get asked that quite often, fifteen years ago I was taking energy healing classes, and knew I was a natural, could feel where things were, I instinctively went to the area. As a kid I knew that I knew stuff but kept quite, being very shy and all, I had a hard time even talking to strangers, so I kept quite with what I knew. But now it all came out. Easy as pie. Then out of the blue an agent called me, she said one of my class mates recommended me to her. We meet and she had me do a reading on her, which was new, but I did it. It was good, she then sent me out to my first job at a grammar school carnival. Next thing I knew I working at the La Jolla Research center doing readings on doctors, and I was off doing parties all over, in-between my other work. I did that for five years until I branched out on my own and started Party Psychic. I have slowly been building it up to now where we are nation wide with reader all over doing parties for us.

We strive to give quality entertainment and quality psychic readings that the guests will be proud of. We make sure all the readings are positive and to the point. There is not time to do long lengthy readings at a party. All of our readers are screened thoroughly to have a pleasant presentation and be good readers who are professional and punctual.

We are now focusing on our marketing department to increase the work for all readers. I am very proud of how far we have come and the types of events we do from Super Bowl parties to Country Clubs to children’s parties. We do such a verity of events, company picnic, to weddings to bachelorette parties. It is fun and exciting for us, the reader, as well as the guests. We strive to have beautiful costumes and set up to dazzle the partygoers. We hope you have us at your next gathering. It is fun for every one of all ages.