We are excited to share the fabulous 4th of July event we do each year. The event was larger than ever before, with families, eager to come back and share how right on the fortune telling readings where from last year! It is so exciting to have such great feedback from the clients. They come back with smiling faces saying how we hit the nail on the head from the previous year. This year we had 2 hand writing analysis readers, 1 palm reader, 2 tarot card readers, and 1 crystal ball reader; myself.

There are long lines with eager guests waiting their turn to see what their future holds. It is common to have up to 5 guests at the each table at once.

As you can see, this is Bryon giving a heartfelt palm reading to this lovely young lady.


Sometimes it is wide-eyed kids, and other times its fascinated seniors, as well as whole families getting insight on how to improve their relationships.We are, as our guests refer to us as “awesome”!

The event is at La Jolla Country Club, with about 3000 guests. They have a carnival, a band, good old fashion BBQ, and 6 of us doing fortune telling. At the end of the event there are the traditional fireworks ending the evening in a blast!